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Brain Health Tips

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Master Gear Master Gear
Connect a chain around the gears and spin them all.
Views: 18825
Category: MultiTasking
Posted By: SafeGameHub
Bird Line Up Bird Line Up
Let your Birds arrive at their nests in the correct ascending order.
Views: 17691
Category: Focus
Posted By: SafeGameHub
Chocolate Factory Chocolate Factory
Try to remove all chocolates from the chocolate factory.
Views: 19295
Category: Hand Eye Coordination
Posted By: SafeGameHub
Train Number Swap Train Number Swap
Try to arrange the complete train in the correct order from 1 till 2..
Views: 18105
Category: Puzzles
Posted By: SafeGameHub
Moon and Star Moon and Star
Reconnect the Moon with the Star by removing groups of items of the ..
Views: 18117
Category: Spatial
Posted By: SafeGameHub
Fill up Fill up
Fun Sokoban type of game. Move all hearts to the right spot.
Views: 18963
Category: Puzzles
Posted By: SafeGameHub
Tangram Love Tangram Love
Classic Chinese Puzzle for Valentine: create the given shape with gi..
Views: 17836
Category: Puzzles
Posted By: SafeGameHub
Castle Coins Castle Coins
Connect at least 3 of the same colored coins by rotating.
Views: 18169
Category: Math
Posted By: SafeGameHub
Clown Connect 10 Clown Connect 10
Connect numbers to a total value of 10 and remove all numbers.
Views: 17676
Category: Memory
Posted By: SafeGameHub
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